Side Effect Project


SIDE EFFECTS is a carefully created art graphics collection and an online shop for art lovers. Our idea is to present and distribute high quality contemporary art graphics of young aspiring authors from all around the world. Side Effects collection promotes their uniqueness and celebrates the best contemporary art of both emerging and established artists. These art graphics reflect a broad range of styles, ideas and perceptions, communicating something we consider to be the finest art of today.

PGS_SE_jovan_trkulja_milica_pantelicSide Effects collection aspires to enrich your living and working spaces, providing a breath of fresh air in your home, office, mountain cottage in the woods, seaside cabin, or your lover’s hideout. With their cutting-edge design, great production quality and fine aesthetics, all Side Effects art graphics are produced in limited series of one hundred pieces with a hand signed serial number X/100 Side Effects collection is ever growing, with numerous outstanding authors and art graphics still to come, so be sure to follow us regularly.PGS_SEUNTITLED 15 by Jovan Trkulja (left) & WHERE AM I? by Milica Pantelic (right).

PRINT PROCESS: Side Effects team has dedicated a great deal of attention to the quality of artworks not only in terms of their aesthetic and artistic value, but also when it comes to the quality of their production. Art graphics are printed on high-quality paper, carefully selected for each graphic. All of our art graphics are printed in silk screen technique using from 2 to 5 different coats of colours. Each detail in the production process is closely monitored and well thought out, so each print is hand-picked and approved by our team before it goes to you. All Side Effects art graphics come with an original seal at the back of the print as a proof of their authenticity and originality. Every individual art graphic comes with hand-signed number in series X/100.

Where-Am-I-by-Milica-Pantelic-Side-Effects-Art-graphics-CollectionPhoto by: Lumina


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