Granny’s Secret / Home made country ketchup

Serbian food company FOODLAND manufactured an excellent new product within its famous brand ”Bakina Tajna” (Granny’s Secret) – home made country ketchup. Foodland’s production plant is situated at the foot of mountain Kopaonik, in a nearby and ecologically clean, uncontaminated environment of BRUS municipality, village Kobilje. PGS designed the label for ketchup. It is the first in the line of designed products and it announced the re-branding of Granny’s Secret old packaging design, which shall soon be replaced by the new one.PGS_BT_ketchup


  1. love it. odoh do prodavnice. trkom.

  2. Petra


    I saw this package design when I was on vacation 2 weeks ago in Montenegro (Crna Gora) and Croatia. It is cool and lovely! Nice tipography and shape. Congratulations!! Very good job!


  3. lajavikrelac

    Probaću ovo samo zbog dizajna! :)))
    Svaka ДЌast!

  4. Very nice. We can’t wait for more.

  5. jackie

    if i may get the information about font of the product name

    • The name of font is Neoplanta from Stjepan Fileki.

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