Cities Re-imagined

Here is the ID and book cover/layout which we’ve done for the exhibition of Film & Video from Norway in the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina (MSUV) in Novi Sad. The exhibition Cities Re-imagined focuses on the field of artistic film and video related to architecture and urban space. Considering the globally expanding urban developments and the increasingly porose borders between architecture and moving images, this exhibition represents an important cross-disciplinary research into the fields of architecture and visual practice. Exhibition features nine film and video installations by Norway-based artists including Øyvind Aspen, Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas, Bull.Miletic, Mai Hofstad Gunnes, Farhad Kalantary, Eline Mugaas, Nina Toft, Jeremy Welsh, and Knut Г…sdam. The exhibition will be open from WED.JULY.07 to THU.JULY.27.2010.

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