The Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics

The Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics brings together creative people from various branches of the industry: design, illustration and visual communications.Contributors from Peter Gregson Studio: Marijana Zaric, Milica Pantelic, Milan Letic & Jovan Trkulja. PGS_LS7PGS_LS6PGS_LS4PGS_LS8PGS_LS3 PGS_LS2PGS_LS5PGS_LS1


2013 / THE DUBIOUS SPECTACLE! THE ULTIMATE SPRING SUMMIT OF CHEAP LASER GRAPHICS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! In the year of living dangerously, at the edge of science, TURBOSUTRA Art Collective and Centre for Cultural Decontamination present to you (perhaps for the last time!) LASER SUMMIT OF CHEAP GRAPHICS in the Veljković Pavilion, Birčaninova 21, in Belgrade! FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! This hybrid event which merges art and heavy issues with cheerful music and entertainment, shall unfold on 10th June at 19h, and its termination, in other words, the demise into the despair of nonexistence, shall occur the very next day, on 11th June at the same hours and in the same venue. The one of its kind designer orgasm in the time of general impotence and apathy! In the year of the Black Snake, following the turbulent year of the Dragon, the Belgrade audience shall be introduced to over a hundred works by visual artists, printed on office paper using laser printers, verified by the seal of destiny! But, that’s not all… For mere 100 RSD any of the exhibited graphics can become an inalienable possession of yours! And yours alone! Dedicate yourself to your personal hygiene, returning debts, mental harmony, care of your loved ones, your body, parts of your body, your neglected spiritual side, professional development, retraining, the truth, responsibility, conciliation, being honest with your superiors, beauty, the beauty of vices, dress appropriately and COME!


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