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Another gem we are proud of is the new design for organic line of products called Terra Organica® from the Serbian food company FOODLAND. Our work here includes slogan, brand itentity and label design.

Terra Organica® products are made according to traditional recipes from selected organic fruit and vegetables. Organic means that they are grown naturally, without pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification and that they are not contaminated with chemicals or fertilizers. Since organic production is strictly controlled process, our products were certified by renowned international certification house BCS. We are proud to say that our organic products can be summed up in three beautiful words – delicious, nutritious and healthy.



  1. kasia

    I love this simplicity in organic food packages :)

  2. Great staff!!!! Love the work. Tell me do you use some 3d software to render this photos? If not could you tell me what is the lighting setup?

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