BEWARE (ПАЗИ- in Serbia Cyrillic) is a series of 9 illustrated posters for the primary schools in Novi Sad. Posters are the part of campaign ”SAFE WORLD” of the Public Health Institute of Vojvodina (Serbia) that was aimed at raising awareness of young children and teenagers regarding their safety.

Poster No. 1 – TRAFFIC / RIDING BICYCLE: BEWARE! Use your head and the helmet when you ride a bike. Be smart and careful in traffic and keep your health and life! Poster No. 2 – INTERNET: BEWARE! If you use internet you are probably familiar with it’s negative effects. So, be careful where you give your personal data, don’t stare all day at the screen and you really don’t have to “likeв” everything! Poster No. 3 – REPORTING VIOLENCE: BEWARE! OK, you know that there aren’t superheroes in real life, but if you see violence, don’t just stand there, call for help and you WILL be somebody’s hero!

Poster no. 4 – NARCOTICS: BEWARE! There are many fantastic ways to have a great time, to be cool, to be the “man”. Drugs and other psychoactive substances are not going to get you there. Poster No. 5 – FIRECRACKER INJURIES: BEWARE! Causes for great celebrations are rare and often followed by fireworks, rockets and firecrackers. Therefore, if you want to be able to celebrate each year be careful – use your head so you don’t loose your hand. BE CAREFUL WITH FIRECRACKERS! Poster No. 6 – SWIMMING: BEWARE! The part of the water designated for swimming on public beaches is limited for a reason and the line of buoys may often be the line between life and death. THINK ABOUT IT WHEN YOU ARE GOING SWIMMING!

POSTER No. 7 TRAFFIC – STREET CROSSING: BEWARE! When you cross the street first take a look, don’t run, don’t rush in, stop and think! DON’T ACT LIKE A FLY WITHOUT THE HEAD (an old Serbian proverb that refers to the people who don’t think before they act). Poster No. 8 – PLACE TO PLAY: BEWARE! When you choose a place to play make sure that it is safe. Don’t choose railroad or train cars, construction yards, ditches and similar. PLAY ON THE HOME FIELD!  Poster No. 9 – ALCOHOL: BEWARE! Alcohol effects in six steps: 1) changes the person’s mood (for better or worse), 2) talking rubbish, 3) seeing double, 4) feeling sick , 5) vomit and headache, 6) poisoning. ALCOHOL IS THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF POISONING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE!


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